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The ease and flexibility of digital and mobile transactions is creating a revolution which is providing consumers easier ways to access their finances than ever before. At the same time however, this convenience and accessibility is opening new doors to fraudsters who are always looking for vulnerabilities to exploit. This conflict between user experience and security has firms and security experts struggle to overcome. Particularly in consumer, retail focused and mobile facing platforms, older technologies create friction and stop people from using services. Behavioral technology can accurately analyze how a user interacts with their device and adapt to the user natural changes, transparently producing a dynamic digital profile to confirm their identity and develop an ongoing authentication without requiring the consumer to do anything.



Financial-tech companies are facing both fierce competition and heavy security-compliance legislation, while consumers are demanding faster, user friendly access. SecuredTouch facilitates the user experience via:

  • Step-up authentication
  • Seamless second-factor authentication
  • Risk-based authentication
  • Extended session expiration
  • Password recovery


Fraudsters can steal credentials, devices, and even fingerprints, and facial recognition technology can be hacked. They cannot steal your customers physical behavior. Real-time authentication protects your business because it red flags behaviors when they don’t match the user’s profile.

SecuredTouch sees suspicious activity before fraud can occur. Even if the malicious actor appears to be the legitimate user, SecuredTouch continuous monitoring – from entry to exit – quickly detects compromised user credentials, strengthening protection.

  • Detect compromised credentials
  • Seamlessly verify password recovery
  • Transaction history forensics capabilities


Strengthened authentication extends application functionality. Simplifying and shortening the identity verification process enhances continuous monitoring, enabling customers to continue using the app without constant security intrusions, such as reentering passwords and captchas. With SecuredTouch, companies can keep customers actively transacting instead of verifying.

The technology provides real-time trust scores between 0-1000, with 1,000 as 100% confirmed customer. This risk-based analysis scoring allows the client to choose a weight tolerance – “good enough” based on what customer trying to do – securely enabling a range of ever-increasing risk transactions, such as higher-dollar limit, same-day payments or P2P transactions

  • Add trust to same-day payments
  • Enable mobile services
  • Reduce false positives


SecuredTouch detects malware, non-human and fraudulent behavior immediately upon activation– no baseline profile is required. It prevents automated attacks, keeping bots out. The system blocks attacks from emulators and virtual machines by detecting “false” mobile traffic. It continuously authenticates and augments verification of identities across digital channels.

SecuredTouch behavioral analysis stops fraud before it can occur.

  • Reveal RAT attacks
  • Detect emulators \ simulators
  • Differentiate human vs. non-human traffic